BMW i5 will feature new illuminated grille

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BMW teases the new i5's lighting technology by showing off its illuminating grille and its interior lighting.


BMW has announced that it will unveil its highly anticipated all-new, all-electric i5 saloon on May 24. To tease the launch, BMW has released a series of social media posts showcasing some of the i5's features.

The upcoming i5 electric saloon will feature a modern BMW aesthetic, with a bold and imposing grille illuminated by LED lights. Despite not requiring air for an internal combustion engine, the new midsize saloon will retain the brand's distinctive kidney grille shape, as seen in the i7.

BMW's chief designer, Domagoj Dukec, shared a second post focusing on the interior of the i5. It features a strip of accent lighting running along the dash and extending to the door cards. The light-up trim will reportedly transition from red to blue like a wave washing across the dash.

The camera then pans back to reveal a large, widescreen infotainment display. As previously announced, the i5 will be a technological showcase for the brand.

BMW i5 Interior.jpg

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